Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Christmas Party Dress

After all the posts and Tweets I've made deliberating over what dress to wear for my work Christmas party, I thought I would share with you all the dress I ended up wearing! It's this lace bodice and chiffon dip hem dress from New Look.

I bought it for £17.99 but annoyingly I can't seem to find a link anywhere on the New Look website so it must have sold out. It fit me perfectly on the bust and the dip hem made me feel like a princess, it was so floaty! I've found some similar dresses available from New Look HERE.

What did you wear to your work Christmas party?


  1. I love dip hem dresses, I've got a lovely silky black one for posh nights out. I wish my work did a proper Christmas party so I had an excuse to get dressed up! x

    1. It was such a formal event, I don't often get to wear such a pretty dress to parties!