Monday, 3 December 2012

Battle of the Festive Party Dresses!

If you're a follower of Bee's Knees you'll know that I've been tirelessly trying to track down the perfect festive party dress. I have two upcoming work Christmas parties, one on Thursday and one next week. Thursday's bash is a decidedly formal event, and so I've picked a suitably formal frock for it (stay tuned for a blog post on this). The other is a departmental do and I'm in a tizz trying to pick between two dresses! Please help!

This one is an allegedly 'midnight blue' dress, which actually photographs blue but looks decidedly purple in real life! It's a poofy-out, standard party dress but it fits really nicely. This was from New Look.

Or... this one from Boohoo! It's fitted by an elasticated waist (which I think cheapens the look a little) but is very vintage style with the black lace trim and metallic lace detail.

So which do you prefer? I can't wear heels at the moment because of my knee so both would be teamed with some simple but classic flats.

PLEASE comment and leave your opinion, I really can't decide between the two and your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


  1. I LOVE the second one, could you cover up the elasticated waist with a belt/sash in some way? Not sure about the first one with flat shoes, might look a bit little girl-y but that's just my opinion. Sure you'll look lovely either way :)