Saturday, 2 July 2011

Slated: New Look sheer tights

Despite starting this blog with every intention of offering my opinions - good or bad - on the fashion and beauty world, I am very aware that I have been significantly lacking in criticism. That ends here. No more Miss Nice Elspeth. I am going to make a conscious effort to let you guys know whenever I have been dissatisfied or just less than impressed with any of my fashion or beauty related purchases in this - my new 'Slated' feature. I can't promise to make these posts regularly, but I will do my best to update you whenever I can on the products and items of clothing you need to AVOID at all costs!
The first culprit in the 'Slated' limelight is New Look. As you have probably gathered from my shoe-related posts, I definitely rate New Look as a shoe retailer if nothing else. The value and quality of their footwear is something I have always been a fan of and I don't want this to undermine that... But I purchased some 15 denier 'tan' or 'nude' coloured tights about a month ago for £3.99 as I had an event that I needed to wear skin coloured tights to but didn't have the time to get to M&S or another more reputable tights retailer. Here's the link to the tights on the website. And here are my criticisms:
  • the tights are the wrong colour for my skintone - I appreciate I'm fair skinned but these make my legs look positively orange which is not the look I was aiming for;
  • the section of the tights that covers your toes is a little too big - when I wear them with ballet pumps or court heels some of the opaque section is visible, again not a good look;
  • they bobbled after ONE DAY of wear - obviously the deal breaker, not cool to pay £4 for 2 pairs of tights that you can probably only wear twice in total.
I admit they're cheap, they haven't laddered, and they do feel nice when you put them on. But bobbling after a day's wear? This is a fundamental issue for natural look tights and in my opinion, is simply not acceptable. For that reason, New Look are SLATED.

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