Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I Want Never Gets... Chloe

Chloe dresses are what I dream of when I'm thinking about work in my sleep. I always seem to be wearing an incredibly chic Chloe dress and every time it feels like I am the most sophisticated and stylish girl in the world. To my detriment, I've never had the pleasure of trying on a Chloe dress but I imagine the feeling is probably better than sex.
This almost-edible coral dress is so made to be worn in the summer! I can't possibly imagine a better structured, more versatile dress to wear on a warm sunny afternoon. Perfection.
I love this simple, elegent number. The open back is just a delight - so unexpected but it brings a lovely twist to an otherwise Chloe-by-numbers dress.

This is exactly the kind of dress I would be wearing in one of my aforementioned dreams. Such a classic cut but beautifully made, you know you'd feel special wearing this creation even if you were just popping to the newsagent! (please note, I do not in any way advocate wasting a dress of this calibre on your newsagent)


  1. I dream of Chloe dresses too!! x

  2. Oooo the first one and last one are stunning, love those two :).

  3. I love the first and last one! I MUST have one of these!!! x

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one with an unhealthy infatuation!

    Elspeth xxx

  5. The first one and second one must be mine!