Sunday, 31 July 2011

Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Mist Review

I heard about this new skincare product from Simple - a hydrating spray that gives you that little bit of extra hydration on days when your skin is feeling particularly dry - and had to dash out and buy it! I'm a bit of a Simple fan and this sounded too good to be true...
 Simple claim that you can apply this mist over make up (a quick spritz with the pump action bottle will do) and it won't affect your make up or smudge it, but it will keep you hydrated! I was dubious about this claim at first, but after using it several times over the course of a week I have to say I'm impressed! I actually find that using the spray helps to 'set' my make up and prevent my face from looking powdery (as I use mineral powder foundation this is sometimes an issue for me!) It does make my skin feel less tight and dry too, which I guess means it does it's job! Definitely not a 'must-have' product - I could certainly live without it, but it's a nice little extra something to have in your handbag to make sure you're giving your skin the TLC it deserves.
The mist retails for £5.99 and I was disappointed with the amount of product I got for my money, however a couple of sprays doesn't use up that much product so I can see 50ml lasting for quite a while. Click here to go to the Simple website and read their claims about the product, or go to the Superdrug website to purchase it online.