Saturday, 23 July 2011

Safe European Home

As promised, here is a post on what I'm packing and taking with me on my travels around Europe! By the time you're reading this I will be well on my way and discovering the hard way whether I was a savvy packer or not! It's a bit of a pic-heavy post, so enjoy!
I bought these grey/stone linen trousers from Oasis in their A/W10 sale, so they were only £10! (reduced from £55) They're light and not as easily creased as most linen trousers which will hopefully serve me well when I'm lazily shoving everything into my rucksack when travelling! They also have buttons which turn them into cropped trousers - I'm not usually a fan of crops but I think anything goes on the continent!
This cute jersey dress was £7.99 from H&M and is the ONLY dress I'm taking with me! I'm trying to pack mega light as everything I take with me I will have to carry on my back for 26 days! I thought this was nice and lightweight but with a funky pattern so ideal for travelling!
Here is a pic of the plain vests I'm packing - random shapes and sizes, all warm neutral tones and easily layered! I think they're all from New Look & none cost more than about £8.
My first (and probably only) pair of Hareem pants! These bad boys were £7.99 from H&M and are actually a nice neutral brown colour, which ties in perfectly with the rest of my travelling wardrobe. I bought these because they're so cheap and comfy (they're made from a divinely soft jersey fabric) and I thought they'd be perfect to travel in!
I love this tie detail vest top from New Look! Again a bargain at £7.99 I thought it might be nice to mix things up a bit, whilst keeping with the same colours. I was also a bit inspired by Scarlett Johannsson's wardrobe in the film 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' when I bought this... great film btw!
I love the colour of this adorable purple jersey tshirt! I think this was ~£10 from New Look again, and I like the floaty cap sleeves - will be useful if I'm silly enough to burn my shoulders! Nice different colour too.
This cute yellow floral print New Look top was a total impulse purchase - it fits perfectly and was only £5 so I'm really happy I randomly picked it up on the way to the tills!
Finally, 2 bargain hoodies from H&M for those cold nights spent stumbling around unfamiliar surroundings in the European heat! 2 for £10 - ideal!

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  1. Some great choices for travelling around Europe. I'm sure you're going to have a great time and I can't wait to hear about it! x