Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I Want Never Gets... Christian Louboutin

I would really like to meet any girl who wouldn't love to be able to slip her feet into some Louboutins. From his OTT diva-tastic designs to the chic and classic court that is infamous the world over, Christian Louboutin has a gift.
These metallic pumps are something else. I love the tone of silver/gold and the way it contrasts with the red sole. Maybe not the most practical shoes (I can imagine my heart breaking when I inevitably scuff the fabric) but I can't help but fantasise about teaming these with a simple shift dress for work - the ultimate in power dressing. Linky!
These polka dot pumps encapsulate my personality completely. I feel that they would become an extension of my body if I were ever lucky enough to wear them. They're so fun and quirky but still timeless.. completely capturing the essence of what Louboutins are all about. Linky!


  1. Awww these CLs are fabulous.

    I have always said if and when I get a full time job, my first big purchase to myself will be a pair of CLs. Yes, stupid amount of £££, but I stick by what I said :P lol.

  2. Oh I wish! They're gorgeous. I have already decided my first BIG paycheck will be going on a Mulberry though haha x