Sunday, 6 November 2011

How to get the perfect bikini line

I think a girl's lady garden/downstairs disco/[insert innuendo here] is possibly the area of her body that she frets about the most! Well fear not, I am about to guide you through my tried and tested lady garden maintenance routine! You can adapt this according to whether you're a trim-and-neaten-the-edges girl, a landing-strip-is-all-I-need girl, or a grin-and-bare-it-all girl!
 First, use talcum powder on the area you're planning on shaving. This helps the shaver glide easily over your skin and reduces the likelihood of any nicks and cuts. I use Simple or Superdrug own brand as I know these brands don't test on animals. Be sure to avoid getting powder anywhere that isn't external (subtle, I know). The Simple stuff I use is £1.99 from SuperdrugLinky!
The second step is to use small scissors to trim down the hair in the area you want to shave. I then use small wax strips that I purchase from Wilkinsons (no link I'm afraid, you'll have to purchase in store) that are about £2 for 36 strips. They're amazing. I use the strips on the 'bikini line' to reduce regrowth.
Then use the Shavy Femini to trim down the rest of the hair further, so it's more like stubble. I bought my Shavy Femini along with my Seiko Cleancut about 4 years ago from THIS place and I've never looked back since. Once you've done that, use the Cleancut to get rid of the stubble and create a hair-free, smooth area. I've found the Cleancut is the best method of hair removal for my lady garden, it doesn't create shaving rash and gets as close as possible to the root of the hair without waxing, and is better for those very intimate areas you don't want to / can't wax.
Last but certainly not least, apply Aloe Vera Gel liberally to the entire area and wander around with no pants on for a while to allow it to sink in. This will prevent the development of any shaving rash, and sooth the waxed area. If you find there's residual wax, use a cotton wool ball doused in baby oil to get rid of the excess wax before applying the gel. I buy my Aloe Vera Gel from HERE.
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And VOILA! A perfectly groomed lady garden with minimal pain and no cuts, rashes, or discomfort!


  1. Ooo this is a great post! I've been using my Philips Bikini shaver thing which works well up to a point but it just leaves a stubbly feeling, never anything too smooth. I'll have to keep my eyes open for something similar to that Seiko, looks really good.

  2. Thanks so much! I wasn't sure whether it'd be appreciated or not, as its obvs unlike any of my other posts! Thanks for the feedback :)

    Elspeth xxx

  3. Nice post! It's hard to find any decent advice online about the maintenance of a lady-topiary.
    I'm a shower gel and razor gal, but I think I'm going to have to give your routine a go!