Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Good morning guys! This is a bit of a random post, but bear with me! I've seen two GORGEOUS coats I love from ASOS, and they're 30% off at the moment! Help me decide?
 I love this colour - I've always wanted a warm green coat! I love coloured coats in general! £63 Linky!
This is just so pretty and prim! £59.50 Linky!
What do you think? I'm SO tempted!!!
As a side note - I'm aware I haven't done the draw yet for my giveaway but work has been mental this week! Will do it asap!


  1. They're both lovely. I think the green! xx

  2. The red! Saying that I adore red coats andi'll always pick them out oever everything out. Red red red red!!

  3. I ended up getting the green one, but I have ASOS Premium so it'll arrive tomorrow and if I don't like I am totally returning and getting the red instead!

    Thanks ladies!

    Elspeth xxx