My name is Elspeth and I'm a 20-something girl currently living in Leeds. I don't work in the fashion or beauty industries but I started Bee's Knees as a creative outlet and a way of reaching out to others in the blogging community to share ideas and opinions.

Although I've always been a nail polish addict, I generally came to the world of beauty relatively late, introducing myself to 'real' make up when in my final year of University.. unless you count badly applied black eyeshadow and too much eyeliner. Since then its become something of a hobby verging on obsession and I am always eager to try the latest 'must have' beauty buy. During my postgraduate study I also worked as a Beauty Junkie in Boots which opened up my eyes even more to the industry. The discount was handy too..

I love clothes and always have done. That said, my statement style has completely transformed and developed over the years, and now I am at the stage where I am comfortable choosing clothes that reflect who I am and suit my body shape. I love nosing in on what other people are buying in terms of fashion, especially at the start of a season. This was what drew me to the fashion blogosphere in the first place, and now hopefully Bee's Knees is satisfying other people's curiosities!

I am grateful for every person who stops by little Bee's Knees, and even more so for the ones who hang around and become followers. I never created the blog to gain followers but each one of you who does follow makes my day, thank you.

Elspeth xx

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