Wednesday, 19 March 2014

So long, farewell..

This post has been a long time coming. I haven't posted in almost a month, and even then my posting wasn't exactly regular. Bee's Knees has always been a hobby for me - nothing more, nothing less. Something I've enjoyed doing for 3 years but if you've been following the blog that long, you'll know that at times I have had trouble keeping up with it. I've had a big knee surgery, no internet (for 6 months!), illnesses and all sorts of things that made me put Bee's Knees on the back burner. It wasn't ever meant to be forever... but now the time has come to say goodbye!
If you're reading this you'll probably know a few things about me - I am a lawyer, I have four cats, and I recently moved house into my own house! All of these things make juggling a hobby like blogging with 'real life' quite tricky. And this has been made all the more difficult in the past year or so because I haven't been quite well.
I now know that I have been suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and whilst this is all still pretty new to me I realise I have to make some changes to my life if I want to continue with my job... CFS means I have very little energy to do the essential things in my day, like cooking, getting dressed, driving to work, being at work, and I have found these things particularly hard in the last 6 months. I am now re-evaluating what I choose to spend my energy on, so that I can plan my days and live some sort of normal life. But unfortunately that life does not include Bee's Knees.
I can't say I'll never post again, but I am taking a big long break that might turn into the end of the blog. My focus needs to be on me, my health and sorting my life out so I can fulfil my duties at work and have some semblance of a social life outside of work.
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I have absolutely loved having Bee's Knees and every one of you to ramble at about whatever nail varnish, blush or lipstick has caught my fancy. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be back! But for now it's so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye!


  1. Hey, you always need to come first! Hope you're doing well and this helps you to get on with the more important things! Sending luck your way for the future!