Saturday, 19 November 2011

Dig that crazy chick who wears short shorts

So naturally its winter and the shorts come out (!) I love love love teaming some little shorts with tights, socks and a big jumper - its one of my classic A/W looks! Here are some I picked up recently:
 These black cord shorts are from H&M, and at £19.99 they weren't cheap (but not extortionate either). Size-wise they were a little small so I had to go for a size 12 - not too pleased about that but they do fit perfectly and look fab with black 40 denier tights and over the knee socks!
I've been looking for some nice high waisted, well-fitting shorts for aaaaaages (maybe more than a year? How sad!) Enter these cute little denim shorts from New Look, again £19.99. I've never had a better fitting pair of shorts in my LIFE! They're made from a very stretchy denim which I think is why they fit so well - they don't even gape at the back (which is a first for me!) Linky!
Do you like wearing shorts in the winter? Where's your favourite place to shop for them?


  1. Im a big shorts fan in the winter! I love the new look ones you posted here!!! I get most of my shorts from New Look... Actually, I get most of my clothes from New Look lol xx

  2. I wish I had the legs for short shorts!