Friday, 4 November 2011

Fabulous Nails #9

I've been so excited about sharing this instalment of Fabulous Nails with you! I was rooting around in my nail polish box (that I keep in the fridge, btw, it's the best way!) and found about a million polishes from years gone by or ones I'd never actually worn since purchase, and I was determined to wear them all! Starting with this stunning offering from Collection 2000 Hotlooks in shade 26 'Scandal'.
 This is such an incredible shade - it looks more OPI than Collection 2000 on the nail, it has so many different layers to the colour and is just a stunning shade! This is with 2 coats, and it's worn quite well. Only 2 chips in 2 days so far (writing this on Tuesday evening) but as with last week, my nails are in terrible condition so it may be that rather than the polish itself.
Unfortunately as this polish is from a good few years ago (but still in great condition due to keeping it in the fridge - I'm telling you, its the way forward!) its no longer in shops, but you can buy all sorts of other wonderful shades from the Hotlooks range which I'm sure will be just as impressive. And at only £1.89 a bottle I'm struggling to think of reasons not to invest in a couple more colours! Linky!


  1. now you have me tempted to make room in Joe's fridge for my varnishes - does it stop them from getting clumpy? Does the coldness effect their application? I'm super intrigued!

  2. I think it does stop them getting clumpy, and they go on much smoother and (I've found) dry faster!
    It's worth a try, surely? Thanks for the polishes btw, will post on them next weekend.

    Elspeth xxx