Sunday, 17 July 2011

Fabulous Nails #4

I'm back again with an update on my most recent nail varnish looks. I've been a bit less busy than usual recently so have had more time to play around with nail polish, so expect a couple more 'Fabulous Nails' posts in the next couple of weeks.
First up is the traditional black Nail Effects on a gold Miss Sporty base. This has to be my go-to nail look for when I'm having a bad day and need some perking up. I love the way the black shatter looks on metallic polishes, and this is my all time favourite combo. It's a slightly more neutral way of wearing the Nail Effects, in fact I wore my nails like this to a job interview (and got the job!)

This is a shimmery purple Miss Sporty shade that I tried for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I really like this shade but there's something about it that puts me off wearing it - maybe its not exciting enough? I'm not sure, maybe I'll be putting this one away and only bringing it out for wearing around the office.
Back to Barry MI used the Lemon Ice Cream and the Mint Green to create a half and half nail look. It's something I've seen on lots of other people but wasn't entirely convinced I'd be able to paint it myself without making a mess! I managed it just fine and would encourage you all to give it a go, it's probably one of the easiest ways to get interesting nails (second only to Nail Effects of course!)

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