Friday, 8 July 2011

Hard as Nails #2

A month or two ago I posted a review of some nail products here - and now I'd like to update you on my quest to find perfect nails! This is a quick post on something I recently bought and have been BOWLED OVER by how effective it is!
I am definitely one of those impatient nail polish lovers who has to actively plan into her evening when she will be painting her nails. I literally go MENTAL waiting for my nails to dry, which often results in smudged nails and an unhappy Elspeth! But that was until I bought the incredible Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat from Boots...
I'm genuinely amazed by this product. You apply it on WET nails and it makes them dry to touch within 30 seconds. I haven't got my stop watch out (hell I don't OWN a stop watch!) but I have found that by the time you've painted this on all your nails, the ones you started on first are dry. It doesn't mean that you can do the washing up straight away afterwards, or other prone-to-ruining-nails activities, but it does speed up the process SO MUCH! Here is the link to the product on the SH website -> Linky!
I have to say, I don't really rate this product as a top coat. When I use it I normally apply a proper top coat (most often Barry M) the day after to ensure my nails stay chip-free. That said, as a quick dry product I can't fault this amazing invention! Definitely a new holy-grail product!
I paid ~£6 for this from Boots and even though I've used it a fair few times in the past few weeks there's still tonnes left. Linky!

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