Sunday, 29 May 2011

Hard as Nails

I've recently bought some interesting nail products that I'm excited to share with you!
First up is the INFAMOUS O.P.I. Nail Envy. I bought the one for dry & brittle nails from Boots as it was reduced to ~£13. A bit expensive but I had high hopes that it would transform my usually crappy horrible and short nails into longer, stronger and more elegant ones. I use it underneath my nail colours as a base coat, after I followed the instructions that came with the product and used it for one week intensively on its own. I have to say, it has made a significant difference and my colours chip much less often and my nails are stronger & marginally longer. However Nail Envy hasn't turned out to be the miracle cure I'd been hoping for, and so my quest for perfect nails continues..
Next is Nail Inc's Westminster Matte Effect Top Coat. I have been SO jealous of all the beauty bloggers who've been lucky enough to have matte effect nails recently, and I caved in and bought this from Debenhams on offer for £10.80 a couple of weeks ago. It sat in my fridge unused for a while until I could finally be bothered to give it a try! I'm very glad I did!
The matte effect is really difficult to show on camera, hence taking two different photos to try and demonstrate the effect. Overall I'm really impressed with this product, you simply paint it on over your usual colour instead of a topcoat and it mattifies the colour and dries ridiculously quickly, to give a unique nail effect. I love the matte finish but I do think it only looks good with certain colours. I don't mind having spent so much on this top coat as it is something a little bit special and most importantly - it works! Recommended without a shadow of a doubt, it also makes my nails chip less and the colour lasts longer overall.


  1. I use the Nail Envy (green one?) all the time, and my nails grow like there is no tomorrow. It was only on Friday in fact, I had to cut them because they had grown so fast. I also purchase my OPI range from a seller on Ebay; they are genuine and farrrr cheaper than UK prices! ie £5-7 (which inc. p&p) from LA!

  2. Thanks for the tip!

    Elspeth xxx