Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Radiant Jewels!

I hadn't realised before but I don't usually post about jewellery! So here's a bit of a 'haul' post on bits and pieces I've picked up over the past few weeks.
I bought this gorgeous long LOVE necklace from ASOS for the bargain price of £3.50! I think its so cute and quirky, can't wait to wear it out! Linky!
I also got this beautiful bangle from ASOS for £3.50 too! It's difficult to photograph but engraved around the bangle it says 'your dreams will come true if you have the strength to believe' but I love it because it can also be read 'if you have the strength to believe your dreams will come true'! So optimistic and lovely! Linky!
Another ASOS bracelet! £2.50 I think this is a really unique piece that looks much more expensive and is quite versatile in terms of what you can wear it with. Linky!
Last ASOS bracelet is this random little oversized ID bracelet with 'Love' inscripted on the tag. It's a bit tacky but I think in a good way! I paid £3.00 for this. Linky!
This cute cocktail ring was £2.50, also from ASOS! I've been looking for a gold and black cocktail ring for aaaaages (literally almost a year!) and I'm so pleased to have finally found one to suit me! A lot of the ones I saw but didn't buy were a bit oversized and chunky for my taste but I really like this mini version! Linky!
I love love love this kitsch lock ring! It has a definite Alice In Wonderland feel to it! I thought this was another bargain at £2.50 and will give a quirky twist to any outfit! Linky!
This is possibly the CUTEST ring of all time! I love it so much! I bought it from Etsy and had to wait a couple of weeks as the designer is located in the US but boy it was worth my patience! It fits perfect, looks cute next to my other rings (you can see my silver branch style ring that my Aunt bought me for my 21st). I think all in it was around £10! Amazing!
Finally a quick mention for this lovely Primark headband - an absolute bargain at £1.50, its very different to all other headbands I've seen and own!
Have you bought any particularly memorable jewellery recently? Where's your favourite place to shop for accessories?


  1. Girl you have awesome taste in jewelry! I absolutely love the LOVE necklace and the door lock ring. They are so cute!



  2. Thanks Camie! You have some stunning pics on your blog!
    Elspeth xxx