Sunday, 22 May 2011

these are a few of my favourite things... #2

Here I am again with the second & final instalment of my favourite things! Today's post is about my most cherished shoes & bags (even though I only have one bag I truly adore)...
Kicking (excuse the pun) things off are my favourite flat shoes OF ALL TIME. I can't express in mere words how I much I love them! I think they're around 18 months old now, originally purchased from Very ( for £18. They're so cute and quirky and have held up really well - surprisingly well made to say they're flats and they were so cheap! They have so many different colours in them I can wear them with pretty much anything. They're also super comfy, as the sole is padded a bit! I'd definitely recommend checking out the selection of shoes at Very, especially if you're keen on owning shoes that aren't that common.
These boots may be my most worn shoes of all time. I bought them at the same time as the camel blazer (posted below), from a shop called Garage Shoes in Leeds. I normally walk right by Garage because their shoes are somewhat... tacky? But I saw these in the window for £29.99 and that was it, I had to have them! I think the colour makes them stand out from the other black or brown work boots everyone was wearing last season. I really enjoyed wearing them with a skirt, socks and bare legs at the end of summer/beginning of autumn last year, and then just with jeans & socks, or tights, socks and a skirt in winter! They're SO comfortable and versatile, I love them.
Another pair of comfy shoes, these ballet flats from New Look were an absolute steal at £7.99. Although most of my friends own the same ones, I still love these and wear them quite a bit. They look great with 50s style swing skirts and skinny jeans alike, and they're perfect for popping in my bag when I'm wearing shoes that might make my feet sad after a few hours. No girl should be without these bargain pumps! Linky!
The final pair of shoes I will share with you are these quirky jersey/PU mix gladiator sandals. I bought these from Zara at the beginning of summer last year, for £9.99 in the sale. I wasn't convinced whether I loved them or hated them at first, but they are the single most comfortable sandals I own. I usually whack these on after I've worn some of my other sandals and gotten blisters, they give my feet the room and comfort to recover without being too boring. (btw, it's not my foot but my hand that's in the pic - it was necessary to show you the detail of the shoes!)
This is my everyday bag, and I adore it something silly. I bought it 18 months ago from ASOS ( for around £20 in the sale, which has turned out to be an investment I haven't regretted. It's by a designer called Claudia Canova and it's very dark bottle green with quilted hearts printed all over it!
I realise now that I forgot to take a photo of the bag's bright pink lining! Oops. But that's an added quirk too. It's stylish, sturdy, a bit different and just big enough to fit in everything I need on a day-to-day basis! The perfect bag! I regret not buying the same style of bag in a different design, as ASOS have now stopped selling this range.. sadness! But I hope there's life in the old(ish) bag yet!

Hope you've enjoyed taking a peek at some of my favourite things!


  1. Loving your favourite things post - have you seen mine? Mine's beauty products which I posted last week :)

    That asos bag is gorgeous!! I think my favourite bags are probably my black Paul's Boutique Maisy which was far too expensive but what I consider a good investment, & my bargain Dorothy Perkins brown tassled bag which was £7 in the sale!!!

    Lois xxx

  2. Love the first pair of shoes! x

  3. Thanks! I love tassles but can never find a non-leather tassled bag that I like!

    Elspeth xxx