Thursday, 5 May 2011

For the summer..

I'd just like to open with a huge WELCOME to my new followers! I have a lot of blog traffic but here at Bees Knees it's nice to know there are people who stick around to hear my ramblings! I'd like to reward you with one or two (depending on how much procrastination I end up doing.. I have work to do eep!) midweek posts!
I've shopped quite a bit recently. In fact I have a mahoosive order from Peacocks sat next to me on the bed itching to be tried on! I'll start off with some other bits and bobs first though!
This cute summery frock is from Primark for £5. I don't shop at Primark often at all, for two reasons really:
1) I live in London and if you've ever stepped foot inside the Oxford St store you'll understand why I NEVER go there!
2) I find that a lot of the decent stuff from Primark is bought up by quite a few people, so you end up wearing the same things as other people. I really don't like wearing something I know a lot of people own and wear!
I was back home in Leeds for a few days and decided to pop into Primark to see if they had any nice finds, and bought this dress, the headband from my previous post on accessories, and a hat which I'll talk about in a moment.
The dress originally had straps but I cut them off as I prefer this style of dress to be strapless. At £5 I didn't feel guilty when I made this decision! It's cute, light and airy, nice summery pattern - ideal! I've already worn it out this week, with my distressed denim shirt & some jersey Zara gladiator sandals! God bless the early Spring sunshine in London town!
This is the Primark hat!! I love it! It was a real bargain too - can't remember how much exactly but if I'm not mistaken it may have been £4? Ridiculously cheap anyway when you compare it to similar styles that are selling on ASOS for in excess of £20! It's cute, floppy and quirky as anything, and I love the colour (I was torn between red and blue but red's always been my favourite colour!).
This AMAZING sundress is £10 from George at Asda! I know, ASDA! I was on holiday with my Mum shopping for food when I spotted it and instantly fell head over heels in love! I knew I had to have it! Didn't even try it on in the store, but when I eventually did at home it fit like a glove! This is no mean feat - I'm a bit of an atypical shape for most dresses - hourglass but smaller on the hips with an ample bosom! But this dress fits like a glove and looks like it was made for me! I love how the colour looks against my fair skin and the little birds are so sweet!
Purchase of the month I think, and it's only the 5th!
Last but not least is this lovely denim button up midi skirt - £19 down from £44 at the Mango outlet store. I love Mango but I've never bought anything from their full price stores, unfortunately they're often just out of my budget! But I do frequent their outlet stores with my Mum in tow, and was delighted to find this gorgeous, unique and bang on trend skirt! I'm actually wearing it right now! I teamed it with a plain white vest and a rust blazer that I posted about a WHILE ago! It makes me feel very chic and almost Parisian!


  1. cute things! also, my boyfriend isn't in fenech, he just remixed their song which is the song RI have on their playlist :) fenech are lovely though x

  2. Thanks! :) & ahhh I see! I was insanely jealous for a while there!
    Elspeth xxx

  3. gorgeous prints.

    Helen, X