Sunday, 10 July 2011

In Her Eyes - eyeliner #2

I've bought a few more eyeliners over the past month or so that I wanted to share with you! They're all from Barry M which means they were £2.99 each, a bit more expensive than the Collection 2000 ones I purchased a couple of months ago, but you get a wider range of colours with Barry M so I would recommend trying at least one. Linky! Buy Barry M eyeliner from Boots
This is a gorgeous light turquoise shade - no. 13
This is a lovely olive green - no.20
And finally the nicest shade of blue I think I've ever seen in an eyeliner - no.6
Here are the eyeliners swatched in the same order. I love love LOVE the brightness of these shades and they are so highly pigmented they're brilliant value. I find if I apply them above my eyelashes on my lid, after using eyelid primer, they last ALL DAY until I remove my make up at night before bed! The blue especially is my favourite, it brings out the green elements of my eyes. Equally wearing the green shade makes my eyes appear blue! I have grey eyes with blue and green elements so I'm lucky that I get to play around with different shades!

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