Friday, 1 July 2011

Fabulous Nails #3

As you already know, I'm a bit of a nail varnish junkie and I love love love Barry M, especially the Nail Effects! I recently purchased some additional colours - namely white and blue (I'm not much of a pink girl I'm afraid). So here's a quick post on those!
This is the new Nail Effects in blue, painted over a Miss Sporty orange shade. I wasn't sure whether this look would work but after a day or so it really started to grow on me... until my sister pointed out that I had basically been rocking the Iron Bru look! Oh well. I look forward to clashing the blue with some different citrus shades and maybe even a pinky red or coral! Watch this space.
This was my first try with the Nail Effects in white. I deliberately didn't let the base colour (a bold teal from Miss Sporty again!) dry completely - only touch dry. That way, when I applied the white Nail Effects it actually lifted some of the lighter tones of the teal/green and dried yellowy green rather than white. I love this look, and plan on experimenting with different base colours to see what other combinations I can get! I have yet to try the white out properly but plan on doing white on a black base sometime soon, so expect an update on that shortly!
Have you tried the new Barry M Nail Effects colours? What are your favourite combinations?

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