Saturday, 16 July 2011

Festival Fashion!

So I spent last weekend in Ireland at Oxegen festival and had such a BLAST! In the couple of days before I went I had a sneaky shopping trip and picked up these bits and pieces...
How cute are these aztec print shorts?! I love them! I bought them for £8 from Matalan - have tried to get a link but can't seem to find the exact pair on the website. They're just long enough not to be obscene and looked perfect with long black socks and wellies!
I adore this faded American flag print crop tee! I wore this on the Saturday with my basic denim shorts and of course wellies! Its made from a lovely soft jersey material which was ideal for the warm weather but easily to pile on the layers when it got colder after dark! Again, can't find this on the website but it was £12 from Matalan.
Finally, this simple and wonderful Beatles tshirt was £12.99 from H&M (I think!). Speaks for itself really - teamed it with simple shorts, long socks and wellies. Perfect for festivals!
Have you been to any festivals this summer?

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  1. Not gunna lie, I love Matalan! Sometimes the stuff is a bit doddery and old but they do some really gorgeous bits in there! xx