Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas Candles on the Cheap

I think the blogosphere is currently a little oversaturated with posts about certain brands of scented candles, yes I'm looking at you Diptyque & NEOM! However I personally think these candles are priced a little out of the range of the average British shopper, and so I've made it my mission to track down the best cheaper alternatives!

This is no mean feat, of course if the cheapies were all wonderful then the higher end candle peeps wouldn't be able to charge so much for theirs! But lots of personal experience and a little online snooping has led me to this shortlist of 3 good value Christmas candles on a budget!

My brother bought me this Cinnamon Spice candle last Christmas, and I've been burning it on and off for the past 4-5 months. It has a burn time of around 90 hours allegedly, but all I know is mine is halfway burnt and I've used it a lot! It might surprise you to know that this is from Homebase! Not somewhere you'd traditionally associate with good quality scented candles, but in my experience these candles keep their scent amazingly, scent a whole room within minutes and although they don't burn as evenly as their more costly counterparts, for £3.33 I think you can go to the bother of cutting out the excess wax with a knife when soft. - Click! They come in all sorts of other scents too, but this is my favourite for the festive season!

This is another brand I've used personally and really been impressed by. I have this in Lavender in a much larger jar, and it has genuinely lasted me 2 years now. I've burnt it every week or so for a couple of hours and it still smells just as gorgeous and fully scented as it did the day I bought it! These are great too as even just leaving the lid off will lightly scent a room. These ones are a smidge more expensive - £11.41 for this Vanilla & Cranberry scent (a Christmassy scent I hope!) but still much much better value than the very high end brands. Click! Plus buying from Amazon means free super saver delivery; win win!

This is a basic IKEA candle - if you're a candle lover I'm pretty sure you'll have tried these before. Now I'll admit these aren't the best scented candles in the world, they don't retain their scent particularly well (perhaps because they don't have a lid?) but they do smell lovely for the first week or so before they lose their scent. This is my favourite berry scent which is ideal for the festive period! And at 95p for 30 hours they're super cheap! Click!

Honourable mention for IKEA - this cute little winter themed glass scented candle with a lid! I've not tried this before but it's so cute and at only £3 is a real cute staple for your mantelpiece (30 hours burning time). - Click!

What are your favourite scented candle scents and brands?

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  1. Some of the prices for candles are crazy aren't they?! I love the sound of the ikea candles!

    1. It's insane how much money people throw away on things that eventually get burned up!