Monday, 11 March 2013

SAVE don't SPEND #9

So this week's SAVE don't SPEND will be 6 days long, not a full 7 day week. I have been doing really well with sticking to my £80/week target but yesterday I ended up spending quite a lot in just one day! I didn't go crazy and buy lots of unnecessary things, but I did rent a car (I'm a member of Zip Car) because I had to stock up on things like cat litter, a new suitcase, and heavy supermarket food. All in all this meant I spent way over £80 just in that one day, so I haven't counted in my overall total for the week as it was such a one off.

5.99 - Boots (water, Pepsi - the usual!)
7 - Wasabi
£12.99 - total

5 - Wasabi
2.50 - Paperchase (mothers day card)
11.98 - WHSmith (books)
£19.48 - total

7.72 - Sainsburys food shop
£7.72 - total

£0 - total 

7.50 - Paperchase (Mothers Day card & make up brush holder)
£7.50 - total

35 - Primark
25 - Holland and Barrett (food shop)
£60 - total

Not included

TOTAL: 107.69

I'm not very pleased with how things have gone this week - admittedly I haven't been as strict with myself as I should have been but I have done a big Sainsburys shop and will hopefully remember to take in my lunch every day this week and save pennies in the process!

Are you trying to save money? How is it going for you?


  1. Your week was way better than mine (that one off day aside) - I spent nearly £50 on make up alone. Hopefully I'll have a better one this week! I need to remember to meal plan so I'm not picking up random things all the time,

    1. Thanks Katie, I hope we both have better weeks this week! xx