Friday, 8 March 2013

Clarisonic Update #1

You might have read my first post about my Clarisonic Mia - if not then you can read it HERE. It's now been almost 6 weeks since I started using it, which makes this a brilliant time to review my thoughts on it so far!

In the first couple of weeks, I found my skin to be super soft in every area except where I had existing blemishes - there the blemish felt more raw and exposed and obvious. That said, it has been a general feature of my skin since I started using the Clarisonic that any blemishes I do get clear up much quicker and without any need to pop spots or pick at my skin (hey I know we're not supposed to but we all do it don't we?) I have to say I haven't had the dreaded purging stage, which I put down to the fact I've had a decent skincare routine since I was about 10 and have cleansed my skin almost every day since then!

I use the Clarisonic after removing eye make up and wiping off most of my make up with a wipe on an evening. I use it almost every evening but occasionally give it a day off! My routine is usually along the lines of: splash my face with some warm water, dab off any excess water with a towel. Run the Clarisonic under the tap to make it damp, and then apply cleanser all over my face. I then use the Clarisonic in circular motions across my cheeks, nose and chin first, and then wash the brush under the tap. Finally I do the same for my forehead. I have to say, I do use this for longer than the prescribed 1 minute but not much longer. I just think I need the extra time to give it a really good clean.

I started out using the Clarisonic with my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and now use it with my Soap and Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser. Although I've got a million and one new cleansers I need to try, I didn't want to change my cleanser at the same time as starting to use the Clarisonic as I thought my skin would get cross!

So far, my skin is definitely smoother, noticeably brighter (so many people have commented on this!) and I have less blemishes. As I've said, I don't have blemish-free skin but the occasional spot I do get is gone in a day or two because of the Clarisonic. My night cream sinks into my skin really nicely after using this, and I feel like products work better because of it!

In terms of charging, I've only had to charge this once in six weeks - for around 16 hours I think.

My overall opinion is that I am really happy I decided to get the Clarisonic. It hasn't changed my life, but it has made a significant difference to my skin's health and appearance, which I think is worth the money. My skin has never looked this good! It is relatively expensive at £120 RRP (but you can often get deals and pay less) however if you look at it as an investment in your skin, the price per use will really be minimal if you use it every day like I do! I bought my Mia from Feel Unique HERE.

What do you think of the Clarisonic? Have you tried it or do you want to?

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