Monday, 4 March 2013

SAVE don't SPEND #8

Happy Monday guys! I can't believe how fast February went and we are now in merry old March! March is one of my favourite months of the whole year, as it's still nice and cold and wintery but the days get much longer and the sun comes out a little - both things which boost my mood immensely! Despite this, I still managed to break my spending ban AGAIN last week, and decided to restart today instead of keeping breaking it... If you follow me on Twitter you'll know I went to Milton Keynes to visit some Uni friends at the weekend and we did a little shopping, so I really have fallen off the wagon again but I solemnly swear this will be it at least for a month..

8.63 - Holland and Barrett food shop
£8.63 - total

4.50 - Superdrug (Rimmel eye pencil and chewing gum)
£4.50 - total

4.99 - TK Maxx (Dainty Doll cosmetics)
14.00 - Superdrug (Gosh lipstick, 2 Barry M nail paints, shaving gel etc)
4.99 - cinema ticket (This is 40)
8 - Nandos
14.75 - Paperchase (presents for colleagues)
£46.73 - total

6.85 - Sainsburys food shop
£6.85 - total

12.00 - Marks and Spencers (flowers for my supervisor at work)
£12 - total

5.60 - Nandos (twice in one week! Goodness!)
2.50 - WhSmiths
20 - H&M (dress)
50 - New Look (2 cardigans and a dress)
10 - alcohol
£88.10 - total

15.00 - takeaway
£15 - total

TOTAL: £181.81

EEK well I've certainly not done so good this week, have I? I knew from the start that this would be an expensive week as I had to buy presents for a few colleagues at work because I'm moving departments, which adds up. I also knew that a bit of shopping would be done in MK on Saturday, but I did restrict myself and only purchased 2 dresses and 2 cardigans, - all for work and totaling a mere £70... Nandos twice in one week probably wasn't the best idea, along with the total disrespect shown to my spending ban whilst in TK Maxx  and Superdrug  on Wednesday. Never mind though, today is a new day and it's a new week, I'm determined to get back on track and down to £80 per week and restart my spending ban. Wish me luck!

Are you on a spending ban? How are you getting on? I hope you're doing better than me!


  1. I think I need to do something similar so I can see where my money's going! I'm sure I must fritter away so much each week on little things like buying drinks etc!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

    1. It's surprising how much you spend without thinking about it!

  2. You were got by Superdrug too? I managed to spend over £20 in there on Tuesday >.<, they had the best Barry M offer and I am weak. There's always time to make up for things