Tuesday, 5 March 2013

MUA brushes: F6 (contour), L1 (lip) & E4 (eyeliner)

I have to say, this post was written up before the events of Sunday evening unfolded... I have now made a personal decision to boycott MUA. I am sick and tired of their shocking customer service, appalling social networking, and clear disregard for politeness and common courtesy. That said, I have already bought over a dozen items from them that I have yet to use, which I will still use and review. All reviews will continue to be my honest opinion and remain unaffected by my dislike for the company, however I would encourage readers to consider whether MUA is the kind of company you would like to be contributing money towards..

When I decided I was going to dress up as Marilyn Monroe for my boyfriend's birthday (it was fancy dress, I wasn't just being indulgent!) I used the Pixiwoo make up tutorial on YouTube (which I highly recommend!) The tutorial used a number of brushes that I didn't already have, and happily MUA had just launched their own range of brushes a few weeks before, so I decided to try some out for my Marilyn look...

I ordered brushes F4 (blusher and contouring brush), L1 (lip brush) and E4 (eyeliner brush). I quite like the packaging of the brushes - it reminds me of the packaging on more expensive brushes I've tried, like The Body Shop and No7 (not exactly high end brands I know but more expensive than the bargain MUA ones!)

This is the blusher/contour brush - I bought this to use as a contour brush as I already have a blush brush I use and love. The handle is made from black plastic and the branding is very chic and simple which I like. It doesn't feel cheap in your hand.

The bristles are very soft and smooth and take product well. I have used this brush a few times now and it hasn't shed yet. I haven't washed it but I'm really impressed so far. For £3 I would certainly recommend this brush to anyone looking to expand their collection, as its quality far surpasses the price! It would be an excellent first blush brush for beginners to make up.

The second brush I decided to buy was the lip brush. I'd never used a lip brush to apply lip products before, which is strange when you think of how many lipsticks I own! Again, I'm impressed with the look of the brush, which is quite small and has a lid:

I think this reversible lid is the real selling point of this brush - it's so handy for keeping in your handbag for impulse touch ups on a night out! The lid is actually made from metal which makes the whole brush feel much more expensive.

As I haven't used any other lip brushes, I can't really comment on how this one compares to others. I did find the bristles soft and it hasn't shed. This brush makes it really easy to get an accurate amount of coverage from any lipstick, and I actually love the way lipstick looks when applied with a brush! I'm so happy I invested in this little gem, an absolute bargain for only £1.50!

The final brush I plumped for was the eyeliner brush. Apart from the bristles, this is exactly the same as the lip brush so I'm not going to repeat myself on the look and feel of this brush.

...And like the lip brush this eyeliner brush also has a metal reversible lid - very handy!

The nib of the brush is tiny - the shape is unlike any other eyeliner brush I've used and the bristles are quite stiff. This made application quite difficult, but I think that might be fixed with a quick wash to loosen it up a bit. I wasn't overly impressed with this brush compared to the others, but then again I am not very good at applying eyeliner so I may not be the best person to judge it! This brush was another £1.50 bargain from MUA so it's worth picking up to try at least!

As the MUA brushes are such good quality and value they keep selling out, especially the ones I've featured here. But if you keep an eye on the MUA website you might be able to catch them when they come back into stock. I think some Superdrug stores will also sell the brushes but as they're a recent release it's probably easiest to purchase from MUA online.

Have you tried the MUA brushes yet? What's your favourite brand for make up brushes?

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