Monday, 28 January 2013

SAVE don't SPEND #3

I have been dreading this post - every day last week I spent too much money! I will put my hands up and admit that this week's SAVE don't SPEND diary shows me spending lots of money on unnecessary things which, when I look back, I do regret. Which is why I am re-starting my spending ban today but this time I will stick to it and be harsher with myself! No more buying unnecessary beauty or clothes purchases for 100 days.

3.63 - Holland and Barrett, (lunch and biscuits)
32.98 - H&M (jumper and blouse, blog post coming soon!)
21.94 - Tesco Direct duvet covers 
£58.55- total

20 - Urban Outfitters bags (2; 1 for giveaway, 1 for me!)
16 - MUA haul
£36.00 - total

5.68 - Nisa food shop
21 - Avon order
12.80 - Chinese takeaway
3.85 - Sally Hansen cuticle remover from eBay
£43.33 - total

2 - Sainsburys food shop
15.80 - Boots; 3 x Rimmel Apocalips, No7 toner (£3 with voucher), 1ltr bottle of water)
£17.80 - total

0.94 - Boots (Q tips)
2 - Sainsburys food shop
£2.94 - total

32.72 - Tesco food shop
11 - renting car through ZipCar
9.37 - Holland and Barrett food shop
£53.09 - total

Sunday (my birthday!)
62 - Westfield shopping trip, including H&M, New Look, HMV, Boots, Lush (95p spend using gift voucher)
£62 - total

TOTAL: £273.71

I feel SICK. This is far, far too much money to spend in one week and I am really horrified. I had suspecting it would be over the £100 mark but I had no idea it would be more than £250! It's really difficult being this honest about spending so much but I think honesty is the only way this spending diary will actually work for me.

I think I have a partial excuse in that it was my birthday but that does not justify spending so much. I am even more determined now to enforce my spending ban and save some pennies! I bought some sandwich filling in one of my food shops so I'll hopefully be saving money by not buying lunch this week.

Have you taken a spending ban? How are you getting on?


  1. Good luck - I'm sure that you'll be able to reign it in. Sometimes just seeing it all written down is enough of a push. It helped me work out if i really wanted something or if i was doing it out of boredom. Let me know how you get on!

    1. Thanks for commenting Kat, fingers crossed! I'm doing MUCH better this week so far!