Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I Want Never Gets... Beds

Happy mid-week everyone! The week is almost almost done - thank goodness. I've only got a four day week to work this week but it feels like it's going to be a really long one! As soon as it hits 3pm I am daydreaming about curling up in my warm bed for a lovely sleep. I'm sure a lot of you guys are the same at this time of year, so here's some lovely beds you'll wish you had waiting for you at home!

This is the Victoria bedframe. I love metal bed frames, they're so elegant and pretty and often you don't have to spend a fortune to get one that looks a treat! Victoria is £310 for a double from 1907 Beds. Click!

Another stunning metal frame, this romantic style is called Milano and is a little more to my tastes! I love this bedframe - it is so pretty with the curly design and gold bed knobs! £135 for a double Click!

Pushing the girly, pretty factor to the max, this Shanghai is a grown up, acceptable version of a princess bed in my opinion! The crystal bed knobs are a little over the top for my own personal tastes but I know plenty of my friends would adore this bed to snuggle up in at night! £350 for a double from 1907 Beds. Click!

This Wallington ottoman bedstead is more practical than pretty, but it would be a must-have in my guest bedroom if I had one! Can you imagine the amount of storage this would give you?! I can imagine using it to house my winter wardrobe in the summer months. At £450 it's expensive for a bed but with it's double use it's an investment you wouldn't regret. Click!

Which is your favourite bed frame?

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  1. I share you awesome taste in beds (which feels so weird to say!). I have a few of these on my "when I am rich and have my own house..." wishlist!

    1. Yay for us! Thanks for your comment Katie