Monday, 21 January 2013

SAVE don't SPEND #2

Welcome to the second in my SPEND don't SAVE series, inspired by the delightful Tabitha over at Scared Toast

If you haven't read the first  post in the series, then this series is my effort to record everything I spend with, the aim of spending less and saving more! At the moment I'm not doing so well with the spending less part, but I am enjoying seeing everything I buy written down and it's helping me be sensible with my money. One of my big goals for the next couple of weeks is to take a packed lunch into work as you can see just how much I'm spending on lunches at the moment, it's a little silly!

5.90 - Pepsi Max, 3 for £3 face wipes, 1 litre water from Boots
4.95 - Wasabi lunch
£10.85- total

10 - new set of keys cutting
5 - Itsu lunch
2.20 - Pepsi Max & 2 packets of Paracetamol from Boots
4 - mini Sainsburys food shop
£21.20 - total

10 - work charity quiz entry fee
5 - Wasabi lunch
£15 - total

5 - Wasabi lunch
£5 - total

5.50 - quick lunch bought from Kings Cross on my way home to Leeds
£5.50 - total

2.80 - the only drink I had to buy for myself on my birthday night out!
£2.80 - total

25 - taxi (I didn't dare risk the madness of public transport when I was making my way home from Kings Cross last night!)
£25 - total

TOTAL: £85.35

I feel like I've done quite well this week. My total would be much smaller if I hadn't had a couple of one-off necessary spends, like the work charity quiz, getting a spare set of keys cut, and having to get a taxi home from Kings Cross. Without those I would have only spent £40 which would have been brilliant!

Although I am still spending around £5 per day on lunch which is annoying, I've managed to avoid spending anything on beauty products or clothes which is a bit deal for me. I confess I did splurge on some acrylic nail varnish storage but I had been saving some 'blog money' (funds from monetizing Bee's Knee's) with the intention of investing in storage so I haven't included it in this week's run down. Next week includes my actual birthday on the Sunday (the 27th) so we will see how that impacts on my spending!

Have you taken a spending ban? How are you getting on?


  1. What on earth/where on earth is wasabi?>

    1. It's a food place that sells sushi, noodles, soup and curry. My favourite place as it does tonnes of stuff with tofu, but it's expensive! xx

  2. Ahh you haven't done too badly! I hate when those little extras creep up on's always in one go! I agree about lunch though; I bulk buy for during the week, but at the weekends I pop to Sainsbury's and spend £5+ each day. This could easily be eliminated if I just bothered to buy extra to make sure I had stuff in to make lunch at the weekend! x

    1. Thank you! I am planning on buying some hoummous and maybe spinach for veggie sandwiches but I'm still looking for inspiration for homemade lunches! I'm also the same for weekends (which means I'm spending ~£35 a week on lunches alone - definitely need to work on that!)

  3. Love the idea of keeping track of your daily spending! I don't think I could have the will power to do a total spending ban but it would probably make me think twice about some of my spending! xx

    1. I have totally failed at my spending ban so far so restarting it next week! But yes just keeping track is a good habit to get into :)