Friday, 4 January 2013

elf blush in 'Innocent' & 'Shy'

I bought these blushes months and months ago but they got lost in the depths of my make up storage and I only found them the other day when I was digging out unused makeup to send off to Give & Make Up. I bought the blush in shades Shy and Innocent - £1 each.

The packaging is a little scuffed from rolling around with my other make up, but as you can see its quite basic.

Shy is on the left, Innocent is on the right. I swatched these on my hand (photos below) and then applied to my cheeks. I am going to say right away that Innocent is completely lost on me - it does nothing for my face, doesn't show up at all! It's just way too pale, which is weird as I have incredibly pale skin. I wonder who the people at elf created this blush for? Translucent people?! I got on much better with Shy, which is a barbie pink that you can build up according to the look you're going for.

I took two photos to show these shades - on both Innocent is at the top and Shy is at the bottom. You can clearly not see Innocent showing up at all - which is my point exactly. Shy is lovely though, really girly and pink and perfect for that 'just pinched' cheek look. It's not something I would wear everyday but I'm happy I've got it in my make up collection for the odd occasion I fancy pink cheeks!

You can buy elf products online.


  1. I love using pink for my cheeks, I always have to make sure it shows up though since I'm so brown. :)


    1. I was mega surprised that this one didn't show up on my skin as I'm so pasty and pale!