Monday, 14 January 2013

SAVE don't SPEND #1

First things first, this brand spanking new post series was 100% inspired by the delightful Tabitha over at Scared Toast. Her posts have been a real nudge for me to stop spending so much money, and as of last Monday (7 January) I vowed to not spend a single penny on make up, clothes or beauty products for 100 days! I am also writing down everything I do spend, in the hopes that I will be more financially savvy once I have a record of where my money is going each week.

So today's post is the first in this new series. I'm sure there will be plenty of you who have also made similar resolutions, and I hope this inspires you to keep it up!

3.03 - Pepsi Max (x2), 1 ltr water from Boots
2.50 - MUA make up (tiny slip up but I did intend to buy it last week!)
4.95 - Wasabi lunch
£10.48 - total

4.45 - Wasabi lunch
33.99 - Urban Outfitters (home accessories sale)
£38.44 - total

6.99 - Sainsburys food shop
£6.99 - total

5 - watch repair
5 - charity calendar
£10 - total

1.98 - books from WHSmiths (using £10 gift card)
£1.98 - total

0 - 2 Models Own nail varnishes (used Boots Advantage points)
10 - Asda food shop
£10 - total

6 - Nisa food shop
£6 - total

TOTAL: £83.89

I'm a bit disappointed with my spending this week - especially the slip up with buying from Urban Outfitters online! But in fairness it was items I'd hankered after when they were full price, and it didn't exactly break the bank! I'm hoping I will be better next week, but we'll have to wait and see..

Have you taken a spending ban? How are you getting on?


  1. Back in September 2012, after realising that I no longer had a student loan to support myself, I banned myself from buying magazines. It's worked in the sense that I don't buy every issue of Now any more, but I'm not sure how much I'm actually saving since I've taken to filling my Kindle for the commute. I have found some pretty good bargains, though, and books probably last longer than a magazine.

    1. I had no internet for about 6 months earlier this year and got through at least 2 books a week! It's a good habit to take up :)

  2. Good luck on your spending less journey!! :) I love reading Tabitha's spend less posts and I loved reading this one too!! Have a great day! xo

    1. Aww thank you Megan, and thanks for commenting :)

  3. I daren't even log how much I spend :o But this makes me wanna try!
    Good idea :) xx

    1. Thanks :) although it was Tabitha's idea not mine! I am mostly logging my spends in the first couple of weeks, I'll be a bit more strict about a budget after that.