Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I Want Never Gets... designer handbags

I've spotted so many gorgeous handbags around lately, here are a few I would love to own!

This statement bag from Vivienne Westwood is stunning and would look amazing with most outfits as tartan is bang on trend and likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future! I'd love for this to be my weekend bag. £430 from Van Mildert. Click!

I've gone a bit Michael Kors mad lately, and I am a tad obsessed with this bag! I think tan is such an ideal colour for a handbag as it matches most colours and isn't too garish. This would make a perfect work bag. £325. Click!

I haven't had many IWNG posts that don't feature Marc Jacobs in there somewhere. He has to be my favourite designer, and his bags are especially impressive. I love this lush offering in nude, the metal birds and oversized zips make it a statement bag without being too over the top. £225 down from £375 at Van Mildert. Click!

Another Vivienne Westwood, this one is a bit more quirky and fun! I am not the biggest fan of the orb motif but for some reason the orb and heart print design on this bag really floats my boat! It's cute and perfect for spring. Currently in the sale for £139 down from £278. Click!

Which bag is your favourite? Do you have a go-to handbag brand you love?

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  1. Ooh the first Vivienne Westwood bag is gorgeous! <3

    Jennie xo |