Monday, 25 February 2013

SAVE don't SPEND #7

Hi everyone. So, it's another week.. this year seems to be flying by and it's already almost March and we're onto the seventh post in the SAVE don't SPEND series - how has this happened? This week has been one of ups and downs for me - I've been a bit all over the place but made a firm decision on Friday to start over and focus on one thing - being happy. Then hopefully everything else will fall into place.. this may explain my blatant spending in spite of my spending ban...

8.13 - Holland and Barrett food shop
3 - Boots (water, Pepsi - the usual!)
£11.13 - total

8.50 - Paperchase (thank you cards and some stationary)
12 - Boots (present for my secretary)
£20.50 - total

12.70 - lunch at the Hare and Tortoise
£12.70 - total

5 - Wasabi lunch
6.99 - Superdrug (Revlon Nearly Naked foundation) - breaking my spending ban!
800 Boots Advantage points - 2 Models Own nail polishes - breaking my spending ban!
£5 - total (I haven't included the stuff I bought breaking my spending ban as it was funded with my £150 put away for a spending splurge when my ban is over)

11.98 - Superdrug (B. Micellar water & B. Gel Cleanser) - breaking my spending ban!
£0 - total (same as above)

23.97 - H&M (I will post about what I bought later this week!) - breaking my spending ban!
£0 - total (same as above)

19.38 - Sainsburys food shop
£19.38 - total

TOTAL: £68.71

This kind of makes up for going over £10 last week. I haven't counted the things posted in blue because I had £150 put to one side for when I finish my spending ban, and I have decided that my minor lapse this week (it could have been a lot worse!) will come out of that pot. This makes breaking my spending ban feel a little less catastrophic! I don't know how the boyfriend & I ended up on Oxford Street on Saturday afternoon but I did make a couple of bargain purchases from H&M that I will post about later this week. I'll also do a mini haul post sharing what I purchased from Superdrug in more detail..

Here's a quick peep at the Models Own polishes I picked up from Boots using my Advantage Points (2 for £8!)

Are you on a spending ban? How are you getting on? I hope you're doing better than me!


  1. That's a good idea having a little reserve to take splurges from. At least that way you know you're kinda shooting yourself in the foot when you dip into it! That would definitely give me motivation not to splurge...but we both know that the likelihood of me setting aside any money is slim! x

    1. It's a double edged sword tbh! If only we had endless amounts of money and no responsibilities eh? But where would the fun be in that :)