Monday, 18 February 2013

SAVE don't SPEND #6

I cannot believe this is the sixth post in my SAVE don't SPEND series! It's actually been really helpful in making me understand where I'm spending money, and I've devised a little plan to help me save and be debt-free by the summer at the same time! If I continue to spend as close to £80/week as possible I will be on course to pay off my credit card debt (which is actually interest free so a sensible debt not a silly one!) but I will also have some pennies put away for a rainy day. This 'plan' makes me feel much more optimistic and in control of my finances - I really recommend trying to write down everything you spend for a week and see whether it could make a difference to you too! 

8 - Paperchase (2013 diary for blogging)
3 - Boots (water, Pepsi - the usual!)
£11- total

£0 - total

20 - online top up (for work canteen)
8.50 - taxi home from work
£28.50 - total

4.11 - eBay desk organiser (hope this isn't breaking my spending ban!)
£4.11 - total

1.57 - Boots (painkillers)
£1.57 - total

23.90 - Odeon cinema tickets for me and my Mama
11.20 - cinema munchies!
£35.10 - total

10 - Cinema ticket and popcorn (I know! Twice in two days!)
£10 - total

TOTAL: £90.28

I went a little over this week but my Mum came to London to visit so I decided to treat her to the cinema - we went to see Les Mis together! £10 - it's not the end of the world is it? I feel like my spending ban is going really well now and I'm definitely into the swing of things! But I have been thinking about what I might like to treat myself to at the end of the spending ban and here's what I've thought of so far:

Are you on a spending ban? How are you getting on?

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  1. Did you love Les Mis? I want to see it again

    1. I did but I would rather see the theatre show again - for the third time! I'm a big fan :) xx

  2. I really should be on one, but I could never keep it! You are doing so well, you should definitely treat yourself to the MUA eye palette when you're done!

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