Thursday, 7 February 2013

MUA Mega Volume Mascara

I bought this mascara along with a load of other MUA products when they had 35% off online - which was an absolute AGE ago! I'd almost run out of my old mascara - Soap and Glory The Thick of It - so thought I would try this one as it was only £3 even before the discount! I've now been using this for several months and can provide a thorough review!

I bought it in Black as I like to define my lashes and find that a brown mascara just doesn't do the job! I'm not a big fan of pink but the packaging of this mascara reminds me of the generic L'Oreal and Maybelline /drugstore mascaras, which cost twice as much as this one!

Here's the brush - its a plastic brush which I love! My old mascara had a really old fashioned wand but I actually prefer these newer style plastic ones, I think they separate out the lashes and give a real 'fan' effect.

Here's the mascara, one coat, on my lashes (although I often use two coats which goes on smoothly without clumping). I am really happy with the way this mascara separates out my lashes, coating each and every one, but adding length and volume at the same time! It's pretty much everything I'd ever want in a mascara. I'll admit it could add a little bit more length or volume but for the price (£3) I am really very happy with my purchase! Iwear this most days, especially for work because it gives enough definition, volume and separation to look really good without being too over the top.

Have you switched mascaras recently? What's your all time favourite brand?

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