Monday, 11 February 2013

SAVE don't SPEND #5

I'm now in my fifth week of the SAVE don't SPEND series (which is essentially just me reviewing every little thing I've spent money on the week before - except boring things like rent & utilities!) and I'm in the third week of my 100 day spending ban! If you didn't catch last week's post you can read it HERE

3 - Boots (1ltr bottle of water & Pepsi Max)
£3- total

8.82 - food shop at Holland & Barrett
2.80 - Boots (ibuprofen)
3.50 - I Covet Thee blog sale (I know, I know, this is technically cheating but it's only £3.50!)
£15.12 - total

5 - Boots (various bits & bobs)
2 - lunch
10.50 - Chinese takeaway (I had a bad day..)
£17.50 - total

8.32 - cat food (Clem has expensive taste)
£8.32 - total

1.90 - Boots (Pepsi Max; it was an early start)
£1.90 - total

20 - Wagamamas lunch
17.50 - giveaway prizes
£37.50 - total

£0 - total

TOTAL: £83.34

I'm really happy with my total this week. I think £80-odd per week is a really acceptable amount, especially as it includes my food shops. In an ideal world I'd only be spending around £60/week but I have to admit I had a bit of a rough week last week and I spent money on pick-me-ups like Chinese takeaway and eating out for lunch. I am not very well at the moment and waiting for a proper diagnosis - I saw a rheumatologist on Wednesday and had some blood taken, so I'm impatiently waiting for the results even though the doc was pretty certain about what is is.. I think being unwell and somewhat unhappy with things makes me a bit more partial to overspending when I shouldn't, but it's not something I intend to make a habit of! Anyway, this week is a new week and a fresh start. I'm still determined to keep up my spending ban and try and reduce my overall spends again next week. Wish me luck!

Have you taken a spending ban? How are you getting on?

ps. If you're trying to save pennies too, check out my giveaway for some lovely little prizes that could be yours for free! Or head over to my blog sale for some bargain beauty buys!

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  1. I agree....having a bad day or bad couple of days can really affect your resolve when it comes to a spending ban! You're doing really well though so keep going! x

    1. Thank you :) it's tough staying motivated but these posts definitely help - they're good to look at and remember I don't want to slip up and have to post about it the next week haha!

  2. Your doing great I've seen a lot of girls fail them recently due to the rimmel apocalips coming out I've just found you r blog and I love it I'm trying to reach 100 followers before my birthday and I would love it if you could pop over to my blog

    1. Hi Nicole thanks for your comment! It's really tricky but I'm making a mental wishlist of things I'd like to buy - if I still want them after 100 days I can have them! xx

  3. You're doing better than me. I just started a week ago and already failed thanks to getting some money for my birthday >.< damnit.

    1. Thanks Katie :-) this is actually my second attempt so maybe you just need to restart too! xx