Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I Want Never Gets... Hair Products

Evening all! Welcome to this week's IWNG - which is all about hair products! You'll probably already know that I recently underwent a pretty big change to my hair and had it dyed a subtle strawberry blonde.. I LOVE it and I'm itching to go lighter already but the only downside of my new 'do is having to be careful with the products I use. My hair isn't bleached so it's not in the worst condition, but it is a lot drier than it was pre-dye... and because it's curly it's even more important to keep the moisture locked in! So hair products have been on my mind a lot - take a peek at some of my wishlist faves!

A Tangle Teezer is probably the most raved about hair item in the blogosphere - every single beauty blogger seems to own one and love one! I've actually never tried one before so it's high on my wishlist. Especially for only £8.16 from Buy Hair. Click!

This Tigi leave in conditioner sounds ideal for my lovelorn locks - hydrating, nourishing and natural it's everything I'd ever want! & I love the name - Let It Be - and the packaging. For only £5.76 I have to say it's really tempting me to break my spending ban! Click.

Again, a leave in conditioner from Tigi but this pretty little Ego Boost is all about adding strength and elasticity to your hair. This sounds perfect for me as my curls really do need to be strong and stretchy to give me some real bounce! £8.16, it would be a real investment from Buy Hair - Click!

...Tigi again sorry! It's just a brand I've heard so many good things about but I've never tried it! Perhaps I should add this to my end-of-spending-ban wishlist! This is a 'Curl Amplifier' so I'm curious to see what it would do with my curls. I'm fairly happy with my haircare routine at the moment in terms of controlling my curls and reducing frizz, but I am always trying to add more volume and this sounds like it might do the trick! £10.80 - Click!

Which hair care products have you been craving lately?

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  1. I don't use a hairbrush currently but when I did I loved my tangle teezer!

    1. I want to try it but not sure how compatible it will be with curly hair :-/