Saturday, 23 February 2013

Exquisite Lingerie Wishlist

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I used to work at La Senza when I was a student and it was such a good job! This was back in the days when they used to wrap everything in tissue paper and pop your purchases into little buttermilk yellow bags with a handful of scented beads... I probably owe my awesome gift wrapping abilities to the hundreds of customer's purchases I gift wrapped during my time at La Senza! The generous staff discount made me a lingerie addict (it hasn't worn off several years on!) and I also learned how to bra fit, which is a skill I am glad I have!

My bust is actually a pretty awkward size - I have a small back but large cup size so it can be difficult to find places that sell my size and in pretty styles! I was happy to find several D+ bras on Exquisite Lingerie - a new site which essentially acts as the middle man between you and out of this world beautiful lingerie from brands such as Agent Provocateur. As I'm a bit of a lingerie junkie, I have picked a few of my favourite pieces from the site below for you to have a peep at! Enjoy.

This is the Love Demi bra - the thing that really grabbed me about this was the shape of the bra. This is so different to the usual style I wear, but it looks like it would still offer a good amount of support for ample bosoms! It's very delicate at the same time as being sexy, I love it! £95 - Click!

A more traditional plunge bra, this shape is my go-to bra for when I need a little boost and a good shape. I think plunge bras are fantastic and incredibly versatile, if you get one that fits you properly there's no reason why you can't wear one every day (like me!) This is the Margot Bra and will set you back £110. I adore the colour of this and I think it will suit all skin tones - plus it's one of the key colours for S/S13! Click!

Moving on to nightwear, this slip holds a special place in my heart. It reminds me of a slip they sold at La Senza when I worked there, which was pure silk and very expensive (to my student self) and I always coveted it but never could quite justify buying it. That slip haunts me to this day, and this stunning Novah Slip looks like a dead ringer for it, except a million times better! The lace detailing on this would make me feel like a princess, it's just beautiful. There are no words! Definitely a treat though, as it's priced at £295 which may be a little out of my price range...

Another piece from the Novah range, this is the Novah French Knicker. Now, if you're a lingerie geek (like me and some of the girls I used to work with), you'll know that the 'french knicker' as we know it from the British High Street is actually a very poor cousin of the true shape and style of a french knicker. This offering from Agent Provocateur is more similar to the authentic style, and I absolutely adore these knickers as they look chic, sexy but really comfy too! I'm definitely a comfort-oriented girl when it comes to undies - hey it's a bonus if they look nice too but when it comes down to it if they aren't comfy they're not getting worn! These little beauties look super comfy but they wouldn't instill a Bridget-Jones-pant reaction if your significant other happened upon them during some impromptu horizontal fumblings. Lush. £125 - Click!

What do you think of my selection of luscious lingerie? Are you a bit of an addict too?

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  1. This lingerie is soooooo nice! I need to get shopping, so beautiful!

    Kassie xo

  2. Oof, I used to love La Senza. The lingerie you picked is amazing, shame I already have so many bras! xD

    1. Hey you can never have too many bras ;)

  3. These are all so gorgeous! x