Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tuesday Tales #1 - Clementine

"Once upon a time, there was a tiny cat called Ina. Ina lived in a big house with 29 other cats and and a lady who bred them all for money. Ina was quite lonely in the house as she wasn't quite as big and brave as the other cats; because she didn't like confrontation she often went hungry whilst all the other cats pushed their way to the food bowls first. Ina also wasn't keen on humans and didn't understand what it meant when humans touched her or tried to pick her up. Ina mostly kept to herself, except of course for when she was forced to have her three litters of kittens which were all taken away from her.

After a couple of years, Ina found herself being taken away from the big house along with some of the other cats. She overheard the lady telling people she was sick and would have to get rid of the cats because they were too much for her to handle. If Ina was honest, she actually enjoyed having her own space for once and being able to eat a whole bowl of food to herself. What she didn't like was the random humans that came into her cage to prod her and poke her, so she still avoided contact with them.

A few weeks had passed since Ina had found herself in her cage on her own, when one day a human came into Ina's cage and for a reason Ina couldn't quite put her paw on, she decided to take a chance. The human was very hesitant and at first seemed content just to sit in Ina's cage and look at her. After a little while, Ina decided to trot over and say hello to this nervous human, as she felt a bit awkward just being stared at. The human stroked Ina and for the first time in her life, Ina didn't mind. She decided to roll on her back and let the human tickle her tummy, even though she'd never done this before! Ina quite liked this new human, who called herself Elspeth. Ina overheard Elspeth tell the humans who looked after her that Elspeth would love to take Ina home with her, and Ina was so excited! A couple of weeks later, after Ina had an awful operation and had her side shaved (how humiliating!) Ina found herself in the back of Elspeth's car in a carry case. For some reason Elspeth had started calling Ina 'Clementine', and Ina quite liked it! She'd never really liked the name Ina anyway..

Clementine found herself settling in to Elspeth's little flat, and became the happiest she'd ever been in her life. For once she began to put on weight as she had her own bowl and nobody else to fight for it. She got more attention from Elspeth than she'd ever experienced and actually learnt to enjoy being stroked, which was something that humans seemed to love. Clementine had her reservations about some of the humans Elspeth brought to meet her, but she mostly flourished in her new home with so much love and care finally being lavished on her.

After a couple of months, Elspeth left Clementine for the first time since she had brought her home. Some other humans were staying in Elspeth's flat and Clementine wasn't so sure about them. Clementine missed Elspeth and wondered where she was, but Elspeth didn't come home for several days. When she finally did come home, Clementine was very confused because Elspeth had two strange sticks with her and couldn't walk properly. But Clementine didn't mind, she was so happy to have Elspeth home she didn't leave her side for days. Clementine was sure something wasn't right, because Elspeth seemed to be upset and in pain a lot of the time. Clementine decided it was her job to stop Elspeth from feeling so sad and whenever Elspeth cried or seemed low, Clementine cheered her up and stayed right by her side until Elspeth was smiling again.

Clementine knew that Elspeth needed her and she was determined to show Elspeth that she appreciated the care and affection she had shown her since she brought her home. Clementine quite enjoyed having Elspeth home all day anyway, it was better than being left on her own. Some time went by and Elspeth started getting better, but Clementine still remained by her side and always lifted her spirits when she was down. Her favourite pastimes included sitting in boxes and bags to amuse Elspeth, and racing around on the hardwood floors, often skidding into walls.

There came a couple of weekends when Elspeth left Clementine on her own, but Clementine learned that Elspeth always came back. Clementine trusted Elspeth, and knew that she would never hurt her. Clementine decided that she was very happy Elspeth had decided to bring her home in the car that day, many months ago. At last Clementine felt safe, and trusted a human. Clementine hoped that Elspeth would be with her for the rest of her life.

The End."

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  1. Is it a tiny bit weird that this makes me want to cry? Clemmie!<3

    1. I love that this made you cry :-) thanks for reading! xx

  2. Oh gosh, I'm crying! I love a happy ending! x

    1. Aww thanks for your comment Ashleigh - and for reading all the way to the end! xx

  3. Sweet kitty, I'm glad you found each other!