Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cheap Frills Haul

So Cheap Frills is a name that's cropped up a few times on Youtube videos and on other blogs, but I never really thought about placing an order until I saw a post recently (by Beauty Becca - link) sharing a 'lucky dip' bag from Cheap Frills for £10 which contained 3 random pieces of jewellery. The Lucky Dip bag works out so that you can save quite a bit of money as opposed to buying the items individually. Becca shared a discount code for 25% off and I decided to place an order!

The first thing that made me smile about my order was the awesome customer service. I placed an order and then found another item I wanted and Tweeted the lovely lady behind CF to see if I could get it added in - she got back to me super fast and it was all dealt with quickly and easily, with a follow up email to confirm. Superb customer service, it makes me want to shop there again.

The second thing that made me smile about my order was the cute paper bags the jewellery arrived in - they're like the bags you used to get when buying sweets from the corner shop as a kid. So cute and original, and the wax seal was the icing on the cake for me (what can I say, I'm a geeky lawyer and there's nothing better than a good old fashioned wax seal!) I was already super impressed and I hadn't even opened up the bags yet!

Here's what I got in my £10 lucky dip (link).

One of three items was the 18th Century Romance earrings (RRP £8 - link) which I was really pleased with because I actually almost ordered the 18th Century Necklace along with the rest of my order, but decided against it. I don't wear earrings all that often but I'm going to make the effort to pop on these quirky gems!

The next item in my Lucky Dip is my favourite - this was actually featured in the blog post that led me to place my order. This little dude is the Whale Song necklace (RRP £8 - link) I really hoped I would get this necklace as I think it is completely random and cute, I've been wearing it loads since I bought it and it gets noticed a lot by other people.

The final item in my Lucky Dip bag was this postcard necklace - I can't find a link to this on the site so I assume it's from a previous collection. I have a fascination with postcards and stamps and the like so this is right up my street!

So even without factoring in the last necklace, by only paying £10 for the Lucky Dip bag I saved at least £6 compared to buying the items individually. Plus I saved 25% so only paid £7.50 for my Lucky Dip bag - what a bargain!

Whilst on the site I noticed a couple of other bits I particularly liked the look of:

I don't buy jewellery very often, in fact I think it's probably been at least six months since I bought anything. I have high value pieces I wear every single day that were gifts - like my rings, my watch and some necklaces, but apart from that I don't really worry about wearing jewellery. When I saw these pretty necklaces I thought I may as well pick them up, after all they were 25% off!

I adore this Forget Me Not necklace (RRP £14 - link) The design is unique, delicate and pretty as it features a ring engraved with FORGET ME NOT and a beautiful little acrylic forget me not flower head. These flowers (along with snowdrops) hold a special place in my memories as I remember gardening with my grandmother as a child and these were some of the flowers we grew. 

I also treated myself to this little Bee necklace (RRP £8 - link) because it reminds me of little old Bee's Knees! I love bees in general (but hate wasps, for the record) as I think they are good natured little troopers and throughout Spring I intend to pay homage to them with this necklace.

The lovely lady at Cheap Frills has been kind enough to give all Bee's Knees readers 25% off with code BEESKNEES (until 1 July)

What do you think of my purchases? Have you bought anything from Cheap Frills before?


  1. This week I used the 25% off code and got the pug necklace :)
    That was a good lucky dip bag, love the earrings and postcard necklace!

    1. I love the pug necklace :) it's really special. xx

  2. Lovely pieces of jewellery I've not heard of Cheap Frills :)

    1. You have now :) they have some lovely stuff xx

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely blog feature! So pleased you love your new jewels xx

  4. I am just going to order a lucky dip as I can't decided what I love I like it all so much so I think this is best for me and it will save me some money.

    Charlotte x

    1. That's a great idea :) let me know what you receive!