Saturday, 27 April 2013

My First Glossybox - the April Glossybox

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you have a great day enjoying however you're choosing to spend your weekend. Today's post is about my first ever Glossybox, which I received last week. I never really got in to the hype around the Glossybox, as I didn't like the idea of spending almost £13/month on products I have no say in whatsoever! But then I saw the design of the April Glossybox, by Pearl Lowe, and I had to have it!

My Glossybox came around 4 days after I ordered it, which I was pretty happy with. When I got the email at work to say a parcel had arrived I was so excited it was like Christmas! Even the cardboard box it comes in is pretty!

I opened up the packaging as soon as I got home from work, as I couldn't wait to see what was inside!

Here's the stunning design of the April Glossybox, by Pearl Lowe, which was my main reason for ordering it! It's so pretty it will fit in perfectly in my bedroom and the thick cardboard is perfect for storing all sorts in!

I loved how the products were packaged - having a bow to undo and tissue paper to open up makes it feel like a little present to yourself. A lovely touch!

And here's what I got! If you follow me on Twitter (@ElspethDaisy) then you'll know I was disappointed by some of the products I received. I have to say though, I didn't get the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask which I was happy about, as I know that was a product this month but I already own it. So it was a relief not to receive that.

This Nip & Fab Body Butter will definitely get used. I can't wait to give it a sniff and see what Coconut Latte smells like! I do love a good moisturiser so this won't go to waste.

This was the first product I was disappointed to find in my box - a Sleek blush in the shade Flamingo. What are the chances?! I've already owned this shade and found it too much for my pale skin so I got rid of it a while ago..

..also disappointed to find Sugar Daddy by Essie in my box - there couldn't ever be a nail polish shade that is less suited to me and my personality.

I was happy to find this So Elixir perfume sample though. I do love a perfume sample when it comes in its own mini bottle, it makes it last so much longer and you get a good few days' worth out of it. Excited to try this when I go away for the weekend over the bank holiday.

And finally this A-Derma Intense Repair Lip Balm. I'm ambivalent about this product - I haven't heard of the brand before and I'm not sure whether I will actually use it.

Overall I was disappointed by 2 of the 5 products, and I'm unsure about 1 of them. Not the best start to Glossybox and I'm still deciding whether I should keep my subscription for next month... what are the chances I would get that Sleek blush hey?!

After sharing my disappointment with some of you on Twitter, I have been thinking about maybe putting some of my unwanted Glossybox products into a giveaway so then at least someone will use them! I'm still undecided on this, as I don't want it to come across in the wrong way (i.e. as rude!) Of course the products will be new and unused. What do you think?

You can order a Glossybox for £10 plus P&P (£2.95) HERE.

Have you ever had a Glossybox before? What do you think of this month's offerings?


  1. I personally think your box has some lovely products, it's a shame it's not all suited to you! I'm not signed up to Glossybox but I'm definitely considering it :) Great post, loved that you gave your honest opinions! xx

    1. Thanks for your comment Amie. I know right - that's what's behind the potential giveaway, I'd love it if someone received the products I don't like who would use them!

      Honesty is always the best policy :)

  2. I'd have liked the Sleek blush but it's definitely a pain if you already own something! I got a bright pink Essie polish which really isn't me either ;') a giveaway could be a good idea :)
    Laura x

  3. Great feedback - I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about Glossybox!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  4. I paid for about 6 months before I cancelled. I just never got anything I would use! Also I left them feedback saying I didn't like one of the products only to receive the exact same item again the next month!

    Allie from

    1. Oh no that's rubbish! I have cancelled my subscription for next month but I'm not 100% certain I won't try it again. I don't think it's something I'll do every month though for sure.