Friday, 19 April 2013

Recent Random Presents I've Received

Happy FRIDAY morning everyone! So I don't talk a great deal about my job on here, as I think it's important to keep it separate. I'm training to become a solicitor, and my profession has very strict (and vehemently enforced) regulations about how members can act and portray themselves in public. This is the main reason why you won't see my face on Bee's Knees, I am anonymous because I don't want my views on anything to be associated with my professional career and my firm.

Anyway, I recently I found myself receiving a few presents around the time I moved seats - or departments for all you non-lawyers - at work in March. I don't intend to publish this post to brag but I do want to share them with you, as they are gorgeous gift ideas and might inspire you if you're looking for something for a loved one.

A friend in my old department completely surprised me on my last day with a gift bag full of these little beauties! She knows how much I love my nail varnish (especially when it's too bright and glittery and work-inappropriate!) and treated me to these 5 shades of the brand L.A. Color Color Craze polishes!

This isn't a brand I've ever tried or even come across before, so I'm super excited to try them out. The bottles are really nice too - they remind me of OPI but a the brush handle is a smidge smaller.

My secretary in my old department also surprised me on my last day (I'm not gonna lie, I did shed a tear or two when I left after all these beautiful gifts!) I love Oliver Bonas but only own one thing from there, so when she handed me this gorgeous bag I was so excited to see what was inside!

It was jewellery - I knew she'd spoilt me before I'd even opened the box.. but when I did I fell in love with this little guy: 

How absolutely adorable is this little penguin man?! I love him to bits - she got this present spot on as it's definitely my 'thing' to have random necklaces (my faves include a book pendant, and a elephant!) I feel so blessed to have made such wonderful friends with my colleagues that they know me well enough to buy me things like this.

This Wah Nail Art book was a surprise leaving present from a fellow trainee and one of my dearest work friends. We worked in the same department for six months and she put up with an awful lot of babbling, whinging and daydreaming from me, for which I am eternally grateful. I think meeting beautiful friends is the best thing about being a trainee solicitor. We're now in different departments but I'm as determined to keep in touch with her as I am to try out every single design in this book!

Finally, when I arrived in my new department (over a month ago now, how time flies when you're too busy to come up for air!) I was nervous and worried I wouldn't find the anyone to befriend who would come close to my old department. I was wrong. My new secretary is a gorgeous, interesting girl who loves nails and nail varnish almost as much as me! After I gifted her an MUA constellation nails pot she treated me to these little nail art bits and pieces - which I am so grateful for! I am looking forward to getting to know her even more in the next 5 months, and everyone else in my department.

Have you received any random gifts recently?