Monday, 15 April 2013

Fabulous Nails #35 - Essie Winter Collection 2012

Hi everyone! You may have noticed an absence of the weekly Spendthrift Saturday post at the weekend - I have been particularly busy at work recently and haven't had much spare time to dedicate to blogging. Hopefully things will be a bit more manageable from now on - finger's crossed!

I spent most of last winter lusting over the Essie winter collection, and was over the moon when my wonderful boyfriend treated me to it as a random Valentine's Day present! He got me the mini collection so I got one mini bottle of 4 shades. I am a big fan of accent nails and so decided to wear two colours from the collection together and here's the result!

This is Where's My Chauffeur and Beyond Cozy. 

Getting this mini collection was my first ever experience with Essie nail varnish - and I am going to be honest and say I was not impressed. I know a lot of people love Essie and swear by their polishes but for whatever reason I just did not get on with them. On my nails they chipped after only a couple of hours, which I was astonished by given the price range!

Aside from the chipping problems, I did like the easy application of the polish and how quickly it dried - both are better than most of my polishes. For the £7.99 price tag for a regular sized Essie polish, I would expect this and more. The colours are lovely; Beyond Cozy in particular is my favourite and totally different to anything else I own, but I won't be purchasing any more from the Essie range simply because I've found cheaper brands to work better on my nails.

Have you tried Essie before? How did you find it?


  1. Aside from Shine of the Times (which I got in the states) I never could justify the price when I can often get similar shades for less.