Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I Want Never Gets... Tights

Despite the incredibly hot weather we've had this week, Spring is always a season I associate with tights. Not 'so-thick-you-can't-remember-what-your-legs-look-like' tights, but pretty, sometimes sheer tights that can complete an outfit. I have a collection of different kinds of tights that I wear at this time of year, but I've been browsing online too and here are some of my favourite picks from Tights Tights Tights.

I haven't quite gotten on board with the floral trouser look that seems to be working its way into the High Street at the moment, so these dainty floral leggings seem like a nice compromise. They'd look fab dressed up with some killer nude court shoes and a crisp blouse, but equally beautiful with a slouchy jumper and Nikes. £19.95 by Trasparenze Tights.

On some days it might be just that little bit too cold to wear sheer tights, so these studded opaque tights would be ideal. I still love the edge that studs can bring to an outfit, and at £8.95 these tights would be an easy way to introduce them into your wardrobe. Tights Tights Tights has loads of other opaque tights in different styles too if these don't float your boat, including cartoon print!

Finally,these cat print tights are a little bit quirky and different and would be the perfect compliment to a black pinafore dress or playsuit - injecting just the right amount of personality. And only £9.50! There are lots of other styles of suspender tights available too, be sure to have a look to find your perfect pair.

Are you a fan of different styles of tights like me? Which of my picks are your favourite?
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  1. I think that these are really cute I would order these put how long do they last before they come in holes I just wondered because of the price.

    Charlotte x

  2. Woah, those cat tights are amazing!

  3. I have those cat print tights, they are so fun! x

    1. Haha no way, I thought I recognised them from somewhere :)