Monday, 8 April 2013

Fragrance Direct Haul #2 - feat. Dainty Doll

Hi guys! Well, I have been a busy girl.. Since my first purchase of Dainty Doll from TK Maxx (post HERE), and my second encounter with the brand ordering from Fragrance Direct (post HERE) I have now placed two more orders with Fragrance Direct! TWO! I have completely fallen for Dainty Doll, and I've been using some of their products on a daily basis. Reviews will be coming soon!

Anyway, this is the first of the two orders I placed. I placed two orders because Fragrance Direct keep restocking Dainty Doll products, so I've snapped up items that were out of stock for me before.

As always, lush packaging and nice branding.. here's what I picked up:

I already have some blushers from the range which I have loved and been using a lot so I was keen to try some different ones! After my disappointing experience with the Soap & Glory concealer (it was way too dark - review HERE) I decided to try the Dainty Doll concealer to see if it would work for my under eye circles.

I got the concealer in the lightest shade - Abracadabra 001 (link), and two powder blushers; 004 You Are My Sunshine (adore this name!) and 002 My Girl (link):

I grabbed the concealer pen, again in the lightest shade 001 It's a Kind of Magic - one of my favourite songs! (link):

& finally a random eyeshadow - there are quite a few eyeshadow shades available but I use palettes mostly so only picked up shade 002 Treat Her Like A Lady (a sort of taupe/grey) (link):

All the items were £1.99 - yes you read that right. Less than £2 for products that I will probably love and use a lot if my experiences so far are anything to go by. The links I've posted were all accurate at the time I typed this up but if anything's out of stock it's worth looking again in a day or so's time to see if they have restocked.

I will be reviewing everything in due course - I know I've been haulin' a lot recently (I wish there was a song for that, sort of like the "everyday I'm shufflin'" but for beauty bloggers...) and I haven't yet reviewed a lot of my purchases but I am reigning myself in with the excessive spending and will make sure I get some reviews up pronto!

Have you tried Dainty Doll yet?

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