Sunday, 4 September 2011

Just because I'm losing, doesn't mean I'm lost

As I was sorting through my stuff and packing ready to move flats, I came across this:
(if you follow me on Twitter you'll already know)
My Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon in shade no.3 'Mandarin'! Now I bought this way back before the summer, when I bought the crayon in another colour too (click here to read review), but after only a day of ownership it disappeared and I couldn't find it! I'm overjoyed to have reclaimed it as I love the other crayon I have but it's not a colour I wear very often. Red, on the other hand, I LOVE wearing!
This is an absolutely delightful product - I am smitten! The red is very bright - almost pillarbox (which doesn't show well in the photos for whatever reason) and has tiny bits of glitter in it. I adore the colour, but on top of that it's also super easy to apply due to the design, and it doesn't dehydrate lips but has great staying power! All in all, it's everything you'd want from a lip colour, and it comes in a cute, easy-to-fit-into-even-the-tiniest-clutch crayon! £4.99 Linky!

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