Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I Want Never Gets... Lulu Guinness

A trip to the House of Fraser on Oxford St isn't complete without a drool session over Lulu Guinness handbags...
This quilted tote bag is quite understated but I love it! It'd be perfect as a work bag as it's subtle but still has that quirky edge to show your personality. £275 Linky!
Another stunning bag, this burgundy patent tote bag looks good enough to eat! £295 Linky!

I have actually spent a good 15mins stroking this bag in HoF! It's so beautifully well made and looks gorgeous, with the traditional Lulu Guinness lips printed all over it. £275 Linky!
My favourite, this studded bow tote is so me! It's quirky and cute but the studs give it a bit of a rockier edge. If only I had £650 lying around so I could treat myself! Linky!

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