Friday, 2 September 2011

Dream Product: Aloe Vera Gel

Most bloggers have a list, or a series of posts, recommending their 'holy grail' beauty products. Not one to miss a trick, I thought it might be nice to start a series of Dream Product posts, where every now and again I share my favourite bits and pieces with you!
Up first is Aloe Vera Gel. I bought this product after a friend recommended it for treating the post-wax, post-shave bikini line (you know what I'm talking about, it ain't pretty). I rushed out to buy it about 4 years ago and I've been repurchasing ever since - I can't imagine my life without it! Why? It's cheap, it lasts and lasts, it smells nice, it reduces redness, swelling & shaving rash, and it's versatile. When I say versatile, I mean whenever you have a skin complaint you can whack some aloe vera gel on it and it will be fixed. Dry skin? Gone. Sun burn? No longer itchy and a lot less red. Eczema? Not so bad. It's that good. And at only £5.99 for 200ml from Holland and Barrett, you can't afford NOT to have this Dream Product in your life! Linky!

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