Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I Want Never Gets... H&M

I received the H&M Autumn Season 2011 catalogue about a month ago, and resisted the urge to frantically leaf through its glossy pages for all of about 5 minutes! Let's just clarify one thing - I LOVE H&M! I might go in some days and not see anything I want to buy, but let it be known that come autumn I am usually 100% infatuated with a large proportion of the stock. When I used to be in Sixth Form College back home in Leeds and I had a free period, I would often be found sneaking into town (a mere 10 minute walk) for a guilty browse of clothes I'd probably seen only a few days ago when I was doing the exact same thing! Anyway, on with the show:
I adore this cute tweed blazer, it's so perfect for the Heritage trend that's about to explode all over the high street for AW11! And it's such a great bargain at £19.99, what more could you want?! Linky!
Ever since I saw this dress in the catalogue I have been fantasising about wearing it to the pub on an evening, teamed with some trusty brogues, opaque tights and a cardi! Alexa chic in other words! I think the colour is just gorgeous and the cut looks perfect too! At £14.99 I'm definitely adding this to my wardrobe when I get paid at the end of the month! Linky!
I think the colour of this pretty green blouse is quite unusual, which is probably what initially drew me to it! I'd love to wear it with a grey pencil skirt and black tights for work in the autumn, but I think it'd look just as lovely with some skinnies and boots (see below!) for a more casual look. A steal at £14.99 Linky!
And finally, my biggest infatuation of the lot! As a shoe and boot girl, it was inevitable for me to fall head over heel for these beauties. I think the colour is just wonderful and will go with almost everything in my AW11 wardrobe, so definitely an investment piece (I say, trying to justify buying yet another pair of boots!). I am positively excited about the day I can afford to buy these! They're made from imitation leather so vegan-friendly too! And at £29.99 I don't think my bank balance will complain too much either! Linky!

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